Vladimir Putin

Borden, Right Hon. Sir Robert L.

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The spirit which pervades the people of Canada at the present time: the desire to help, sympathy, co-operation, self-sacrifice. The speaker's conviction that the statesmen of Great Britain strove most earnestly to find an honourable way by which peace might be preserved and war avoided. Why it is that war has been forced upon the Empire. The inevitability of this war. The policy of the German Empire under Prussian domination: the policy of blood and iron. The dream of the German people for centuries; the policy of the oligarchy which dominated the German Empire to make Germany all-powerful on land and sea. Finding ourselves face to face with the most highly-trained, most powerful military organisation the world has ever known. The need to realise what we are undertaking; that the cause for which we are fighting is just; that it is the cause of democracy against a militarism which, should it not meet its downfall in the next year or 18 months, will dominate the world, and throw back the work of civilisation for the next hundred years at least. The astonishing teaching to which the German people have listened for the last 50 years. The influence of such teaching upon the German people. Germany's deliberate challenges over the last 10 years to the naval power of Great Britain. The German ideal of government which is absolutely different from our own. The unquestioned obedience of the German people in the past 30 years to constituted authority as one of the most marked phenomena in its national life. IN Germany the state ruled not by the will and consent of the people but by the influence of a military oligarchy. The startling suddenness with which the storm prophesied broke in Germany at last. What we did, and what it was our duty to do. The speaker's own actions. The offer of an expeditionary force on the 1st of August. Taking steps at once for the raising and equipment of troops for such a force as was authorised. The stress of those days. What was done in connection with the preparation of the camp at Valcariter and the equipping of this force. The tremendous demands made upon the organising ability of the Canadian people to accomplish what they did. Some details and numbers of what was provided in terms of equipment and supplies. Some comparisons. Congratulations to General Lessard and his staff and all who helped him for the splendid work done in this regard. A word or two with regard to what we propose to do. The certainty that Canada will respond to this call, whatever is needed. The training of the men. The danger of sending out men unprepared. The speaker's confidence in the spirit of courage and endurance of the citizen soldiers of Canada. The great test of the national spirit, with Canada emerging triumphant. The German people; the accomplishments of their culture; what they sincerely believe to be true. The German people in our own dominion. Paying tribute to what has been done in Canada by Canadian citizens of German descent. Canada united in the strong conviction that our cause is just, and in the inflexible determination to make it triumphant.

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