Vladimir Putin

Hudson, Dr. Alan R.

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The start of this issue in September of 2004. Announced targets for Ontario for wait times by George Smitherman in December of the following year. The international and national situation when Ontario started. The speaker speaking on behalf of thousands of individuals who have been involved in this mammoth change process. Some recent confusion, and its source. Wait times as a symptom of complex structures, and how that is so. Ontario in a pre-industrial revolution situation when this started. The quality of the care - as it was. A summary statement of findings. No one in charge of wait times. Accountability. The question of specific financing. Introducing expert panels to find answers and collect information. Creating leaders to produce changes. Focus dollars. Data collection, analysis and reporting as key. Updating the data. Transmitting the data to the public web site. Wait times - what they are. What has happened with regard to wait times. Seeing a shift in the data. Reporting to come in April. Getting through the backlog. Recognizing our shortages. Challenges to be met. Challenges for the patients. What's next. The politicla risk taken by Dalton McGuinty and George Smitherman on a values-based determination. Measuing and reporting transparently. Ontario as leaders.

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