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Crime and the treatment of criminals and what part parole plays in this great problem, which is or should be of such vital concern to us all. The staggering consequences and cost of crime: the loss of property; the misery; the pain and suffering; and the wastage of human lives. The sad commentary that in a modern 20th century, with significant advances in science and sociological skills, we have failed so miserably in finding a more effective solution to this ever increasing dilemma. The need for the general public to have a greater consciousness and understanding of the cause and effects of crime. Striving for some solution, or at least some improvement in present methods. The primary purpose of criminal laws and the whole correctional system. What we know about locking people up in prison. The functions of criminal law today. Adjusting our laws to keep up with social change. From punishment, to deterrence, to rehabilitation. A detailed discussion on the effectiveness of punishment. The purpose of proper correctional programmes. More treatment and control, less use of imprisonment. The issues of probation and parole, and a discussion of the various kinds of parole. Crucial aspects of rehabilitation. The high cost of keeping people in prison. Studies made by the National Parole Board and what they show. Predictions for 10 years from now. What we can do as taxpayers and citizens. Being our brother's brother, rather than our brother's keeper.

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