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Waugh, Prof. W.T.

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The upcoming 200-year anniversary of James Wolfe's birth in Westerham in Kent. The widespread tendency these days to belittle the claim of General Wolfe as to his share in the conquest of Canada. Ways in which such criticisms are exaggerated and some of them totally false. A discussion and review of Wolfe's part in the conquest of Canada. The difficult task of taking Quebec. Speculation as to when Canada would have become British if Canada had not fallen at the time of Wolfe's enterprise. The importance of Wolfe for each of us. Reasons why we shall do well to celebrate this upcoming anniversary in a thoughtful spirit. A few considerations suggested by Wolfe's career and achievements which the speaker believes are of practical value to us at the present time. Honouring James Wolfe for his own sake, for his own character, and reasons why we should do so. A description of Wolfe and his achievements. A consideration of his deeds from the point of view of seeing if there are useful lessons that can be drawn from them. Canada's debt to the British Navy. Canadians apt to forget that Canada is a great maritime country with extremely important shipping interests and a very long coastline. A brief discussion of Canada's Naval defence now and in the past. Factors which lead to Canada's conquest. Wolfe's prediction that Britain would lose the American colonies, and reaction to that prediction at the time. A dangerous tendency in Canada and elsewhere to allow slogans and party cries to do the duty of hard thinking and resolute action. Recent newspaper reports about the break-up of the Empire. The sequel to the conquest of Canada and how it suggests to the speaker the situation that confronts us today. A caution to be careful, to think clearly, to act for the promotion of the causes that we have at heart, and not to be content merely with talking about it. A concluding plea to celebrate Wolfe's birth and to honour the man, and to gain inspiration from his example.

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