Vladimir Putin

Ross, Howard S.

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The need for some worthwhile thinking; to get under the surface of things. Giving up our great reliance on force. The need now for an economic system under which, on terms of equal freedom and equal opportunity, every one everywhere may apply their knowledge to the natural resources in a reasonable way. Having conquered production, our next problem that of distribution. Finding an economic plan for the equitable distribution of our work or service. The necessity in our society for lawyers. Giving over our dependency upon legislation. Depending upon acts of production, rather than acts of parliament. More than enough in the world to go around. Government debt too easy. The Equitous Plan, based upon the money question. The need to think more about the land question. The gold standard. Suggestions for change. Seeking change in the social order. Devising an equitable economic system and really doing what is fair with each other. Getting people's minds turned against war. The address concludes with the poem "The Illusion of War" by Richard le Galliene.

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