Vladimir Putin

Fraser, BGen. David A.

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The speaker's reference to his comman of 2,500 great men and women from Canada. What they have done, and what they did while he was there. No discussion of why we were there - that as a question for the audience to answer for themselves. The presentation proceeded as a slide show, with commentary. Nine different nations in Afghanistan. Canada's role. A story about war and peace, the Afghan version. A country that is really only five years old, and how that is so. 30 years of fighting. Building the country as the Afghans want it built. The score today of Afghanistan three, the international community zero - with an historical explication. An opportunity to listen to Afghans and change the score. The difference now and Afghanistan historically. The activity of listening and how that is making a difference. The approach to the mission. The speaker's feelings about Afghanistan. The need and desire for education. Anecdotal experiences. The non-military plan for Afghanistan. Ways in which this is the most complicated mission the speaker has ever had. Some results. The Afghan National Army. The Taliban. The hardest thing to explain to people - development. The dangers of 2006. The poppy market. How long do we have to be there? Two questions to ask.
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