Vladimir Putin

MacNamara, Lieut-Colonel J.R.J.

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How much the Spanish issue, both internal and external, has affected the whole world. The Spanish struggle going right back into medieval history. Now watching the spectacle of an old Spain turning into a modern state, going through hundreds of years of history in the course of one man's lifetime, or merely a few years. Understanding what is going on in that Iberian Peninsula. A brief review from 1837. Events that led to the breaking-up of Spain. The military revolt, and the revolution by the workers. Spain in a state of civil war, a state of chaos, a country being torn internally and externally, and standing in a strategic part of the world, an ideal place for other countries to interfere for their own purposes. Intrigue inside Spain before the outbreak of hostilities. Involvement by the Italians, the Russians, and Germans. The speaker's trip to Spain to try and find out what was really going on. A description of what he found there. The war now possibly drawing to a close in the northern sector. The speaker's opinion as to why Germany and Italy intervened in Spain. Matters that affect France and Britain, especially in terms of keeping the Mediterranean safe and open for shipping, communication, and defence purposes. The Rome-Berlin-Tokyo triangle. How the speaker sees this conflict as another world war. A new world war in progress, a world war which is being fought on an entirely new technique, a new type of world power politics, backed up, if necessary, by military force. The very determined spirit in Britain today, a spirit backed up by a shrewd instinct which knows how far it can go, and the point beyond which it cannot let others go. Facing the fact that we also have to be materially strong. The need to build armaments. Details of war preparations in Britain. Britain's strength at the moment. Strength in unity of all peoples who are looking in the same direction as the British and who think the same thoughts in a similar way.

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