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Glasgow, Major-General The Honourable Sir Thomas William

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and the Canadian Club. The speaker's association with Canadian in South Africa, in 1899, and in France in 1916. Australia and the way in which Australia faces any great problem which arises. Some words from the Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Menzies, three months ago. Some recent Australian history from 1914 and 1929 when crises were faced. The character of the Australian people. Drastic steps taken, before 1929, to revise the Commonwealth Constitution and financial organization, to pave the way for a sound economy. A detailed account of these steps, which involved problems which Canada has faced or will probably face, problems for the study of which the Royal Commission on Dominion-Provincial Relations was, a short time ago, set up here in Canada. An explanation of the Australian Constitution and Commonwealth Government. Details of the "Financial Agreement" reached through Conference. Measures taken. Reductions in Government expenditure. Conversion of internal debts. Additional revenue secured by increased Commonwealth and State taxation. Results of these measures. Decreases in defence spending by 1930. Keeping the small arms, clothing, munitions and ordnance factories going. The establishment of other factories since the outbreak of war. The united spirit shown in the emergency of the depression revealed again at the outbreak of the present war. The whole British Commonwealth mustering to the call. Ample evidence of the sacrifices which we British people are ready to make and must make if we are to be able to restore sanity to the world. The Nazi misunderstanding of the British Commonwealth, the unity and tenacity of its peoples. The watchword of the people of Australia "all in."

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