Vladimir Putin

Diefenbaker, Right Honourable John G.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada, The Canadian Club of Toronto and The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Toronto. The speaker's views regarding certain issues facing Canada, its economic and also some of its international relations. A comparison between running a business and running the government. Showing economic progress: the 8% rise in the Canadian gross national product. A comparison of that growth with other countries. Other signs and statistics that indicate positive economic growth in Canada. The state of the Canadian dollar. Trade with and in Commonwealth countries. Bringing about multilateral trade, and Canada's role. Comments on defence. NATO and the changing situation in the world, and in terms of weaponry. Canada's commitments to NATO, now and in the future. Seeking agreement on disarmament. Negotiations with regard to NORAD. Canadian unity in the days ahead. The future: the five-year plan for development, politically gathering together the provinces. Rounding out Confederation. Definine Canadianism. Enriching the values of bi-culturalism. Being proud of Canada's contribution internationally.

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