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Best, Dr. Charles H.

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Research which is going on now and which will be intensified and extended in the speaker's new Insititute (the Charles H. Best Institute on College Street, Toronto). Some personal history, and background to the new Institute. The International Physiological Congress in Montreal in September. The formation of a World Federation of National Physiological Societies by 48 representatives from different countries. Other conferences in which the speaker took part. The high point in September 15, 1953 at the opening of the Institute. The speaker's question to seven of the distinguished doctors who were guests on this occasion: "Which of your own investigations has given you the most satisfaction and pleasure?" Answers by Professor Adrian; Dr. Detlev Bronk; Sir Henry Dale; Dr. B.A. Houssay; Dr. E.P. Joslin, Dr. Wilder Penfield, and Sir Lionel Whitby. Medical research in Canada: selection and concentration in order to make contributions which can hold their place in competition with those made in larger and more wealthy countries. The research group in the new Institute. Defence research. Housing a source of continuous radiation in order to study methods of protection against it. Canada expected to be an authority on the medical and scientific aspects of living in cold climates. Toronto as a bit of a Mecca for diabetics and for research workers interested in diabetes. More to be done in the field of insulin and diabetes. A group working on agents which prevent thrombosis. The use of Heparin and Choline. The speaker's extra-curricular interest in "The Health of the World from the Medical Viewpoint" and activities toward that end. The central problem of the world as nutrition of the people in the underdeveloped countries. Canada in an excellent position to intensify our efforts in medical research and to provide more basic knowledge which will be immediately distributed to all parts of the world that can use it. Paying tribute to the several departments of the Dominion Government that have taken leadership in making funds available for more intensive medical research in Canada: The National Research Council of Canada, the Defence Research Board, and the Department of Health and Welfare. More that could be done. Benefits in not commercializing insulin. The rewards of productive work. The reward of medical research.

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