Vladimir Putin

Smits, Sonja

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Speaking on behalf of Performers for Literacy. Some introduction comments about performing and words and communication and reading. Continuing the tradition of story-telling as an actor. Literacy as fundamental. What literacy is. Building a literate society. Illiteracy in Canada as a formidable problem. The five levels on which we measure literacy. Low rates in Canada. Three reasons why literacy is important to Canada. Effects of literacy and illiteracy. The importance of literacy in a technological age. How literacy skills contribute to success or failure, and how they are also the threads of a nation's social and cultural fabric. How we can change the outlook for the next generations of Canadians. The culture of literacy evident in Sweden. The debate about what should be done to improve literacy levels. The cycles of literacy and illiteracy. How to break the cycle of illiteracy. The benefits of reading to one's child, and reading together - family literacy. The role of schooling. What governments can do. Some exciting new programmes with new approaches to literacy. The need to provide incentives for parent/child reading. Some illustrative examples. The Second Story Reading Centres. Mobilising resources. A concluding poem.

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