Vladimir Putin

Drew, Colonel George A.

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Reference in particular to the area around Great Bear Lake. Paying tribute to the Honourable Charles McCrea. The speaker declares himself to be a layman on the subject of mining. A layman's impression of what he saw and of what seemed to him to be the solution for the future. What we know of Great Bear Lake. Discoveries of silver, gold, copper and pitchblende which gives the radium that is now doing so much in the cure of cancer. The important question of transportation. Difficulties of distance and climate. A description of where Great Bear Lake is in the Northwest Territories and the importance of location and geography in terms of understanding the problem of transportation. The wonderful romance in the development of this area. Some history of the area, back to 1770 when Samuel Hearne was sent out by the Hudson's Bay Company to see if there was any truth to the story of rich mineral deposits in this area. The opening up of the north in 1929 with the advent of aeroplanes. The story of the last discovery of that mining area. Some illustrative anecdotes to show what life is like in the north. Details of the development of the area and a contemporary description, with many personal anecdotes interspersed. What has to be done to convert the vast mineral resources of this area into Canadian dollars. The need for cheap and efficient methods of transportation. Some alternatives. The development of the production of oil and gasoline that has gone hand in hand with the mineral development in the Great Bear Lake area. The possibility of the refining of aviation gasoline in the near future which would make a vast difference in the cost of the transportation of metal concentrates by air. The finances of mining development. The organization of the church and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in this area.
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