Vladimir Putin

McLachlin, The Rt. Hon. Madame Chief Justice Beverley M.

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Justice in the world scene. The speaker's theme: Good justice systems are essential to human, social and economic development everywhere in the world, and Canada has an important role to play in their enhancement. The speaker's conversion to the cause of international justice. Her visits to other countries since becoming Chief Justice in January 2000. What was stressed in those visits. The worldwide quest for better justice systems. Some salient questions to be asked and considered. The rule of law and an effective, independent, justice system as conditions for national progress. Some exemplary references. International organisations taking up a similar theme. An improvement of legal and judicial systems as a condition for economic aid. Justice increasingly seen as a basic condition of economic progress. The building blocks of an effective justice system. The importance of legally trained judges. Fair process in matters of human rights. A history of our own rights. Canada's role in enhancing global justice. How others see us. Canada's non-threatening international image. Canada's legal traditions and what they may mean to others. Canada as a place that combines the best of Europe and North America in terms of a human rights tradition. Canada as a good example of how to use the law to reconcile conflicts in a multicultural society. The 125th anniversary of the Supreme Court of Canada last year. Becoming experts in the new arts of constitutional survival. Some concluding remarks.

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