Vladimir Putin

McGoun, Archibald

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Some conclusions reached by an examination of the Census volume describing the manufacturing industries of Canada, and by a comparison of these with Trade and Navigation tables. Results generalized in a very brief statement. Very considerably less than 300,000 people out of 5,300,000 would be affected by British competition. A look at the question of British trade preference. The rate of duty that would reasonably suffice to protect even those engaged in industries the speaker has named from such competition. Some figures with respect to two of the most important industries: cottons and woollens. Farmers' consumption: the issue of agricultural implements alone being put on the free list. Dollar figures for specific articles such as carpets, clothing, cordage, leather, sugar, etc. with regard to materials produced and imported in those categories. The general conclusion that Canada should be prepared to respond to any preference in her favour upon agricultural and other produce by making very large reductions in the rate of duty upon imports from British countries. Advantages to merchants engaged in this traffic, to the shipping interest, and to the railways running east and west. The greatest advantage to the consumer in Canada. Fostering intercommunication between British countries. Forming an important material bond uniting the Mother Country and the Colonies.

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