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Wallace, Rev. Dr. O.C.S.

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A definition of conscience involving two things: a judgment and an emotion. Speaking of conscience in a national relation, having in mind the family, the conduct of business, and the conduct of public affairs, political and other. Conscience adding to the worth and the welfare of the state when it asserts itself in these three realms. Pleading for a conscience of responsibility in a father for the upbringing of his family. Conscience in the transaction of business, necessary to a successful prosecution of the multitudinous affairs of our business world. Colonel Mason's reference, with painful implication, to the politics of our country. Conscience in public affairs, political and other, which makes the difference between a great nation and a little nation, a progressive nation and a retrogressive nation. Pleading for such a conscience in the family, in business and in politics, as should hold the people of Canada closely to high ideals, to high ideals for national ends. What the speaker means by a national asset. The use of the word "national" in this connection deliberate, and meant to be significant: an explication. Using now the word "national" in speaking of Canada; looking forward to a time when the Empire shall consist not of a group of colonies, but of a group of nations. A new idea of a nation, and a new idea of an Empire. Questions and responsibilities facing Canadians today. Dangers in respect to conscience, dangers lest conscience be dulled, lest moral standards be lowered. Letting there be full emphasis on conscience even if it compels the other man to differ from me or from you, or compels you and me to differ from him. The current worship of success. Dangers from immigration to which hardly sufficient attention is being given by Canadians. Calling attention to the miracle of assimilation which has taken place in the United States. Our great hope today in the school, and how that is so. Giving more attention to this great matter of governing, teaching, and training the boys of today.

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