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Rootes, Sir William

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Important issues to be taken into account with regard to Britain regaining her balance of trade, including the subject of raw materials. The new Government in Britain. The contribution Great Britain has made to the industrialisation of the world. The burden she has carried in the last two World Wars. New heart put into the old country with the return of a conservative Government that is liberal minded. Taking up the tools to re-establish the United Kingdom's position. The problems of importing. Britain's increased exports to Canada, but also increased imports. The Government's attempt to cut imports to Britain and why this is being done. Four competing needs of the British Government: home consumption, investment, defence and exports. The need to increase exports while holding home consumption to a minimum. A hard outlook for Britain's workers. Rationing still going on in Britain. The need for imports of raw materials for Britain's defence programme, with an illustrative example in the field of steel. The Dollar Exports Council, created to give particular attention to increasing the U.K.'s trade with North America. Composition and membership of the Council. What Britain needs from Canada in terms of raw materials, and also research. What Britain has to offer in terms of new aircraft and the jet engine. Pioneering the first commercial jet air line in England. The British fighting in Malaya, and policing the Suez Canal. The need for North America and Europe to pull together and work for the common cause of maintaining or increasing the standard of living of our people, and the preservation of peace. The Sterling area of trade. The promise by the British Government of more housing for its people. The goals of a higher standard of living, but also for less barriers, freer trade within the Commonwealth, and the liberalisation of world trade as far as possible. Canada as a land of opportunity. A request for Canadians to buy British goods on the basis of quality, and value for money. A concluding quote from the President of the Board of Trade, the Right Hon. Mr. Peter Thornycroft, member of Mr. Churchill's inner cabinet and a key pin when it comes to trading.

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