Vladimir Putin

Drury, The Honourable C.M.

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Canada's traditional economic base of agriculture and natural resources. The steady growth of Canada's manufacturing industry. Canada's evolution of a political-economic system wherein the public and private sectors interact and the decisions made in one sphere have a substantial impact on the other. The increasing importance of secondary industry and the need for the viewpoint of the industrial sector of Canada's economy to be represented when government policy is being decided. The speaker's appointment as Minister of Industry and the establishment of the Department of Industry. The primary objective of the Department of Trade and Commerce. The objective of the Department of Industry. The two most important economic problems facing Canada today: the high and persistent rates of unemployment and the adverse balance of payments situation. Expanding Canada's markets and how that can be accomplished. The process of removing trade barriers. The adaptation of Canadian manufacturers to a rapidly changing environment. Activities of the Department of Industry in connection with its responsibilities to promote the establishment and growth of manufacturing in Canada and the contribution which this growth will make towards creating employment. Dealing with regional problems of unemployment. The Area Development Agency and its broad approach to the economic development of such areas. Cooperation of industry and government.
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