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The Impact of the Pandemic on Women's Advancement during Recovery
Overcoming Setbacks and Promoting Change for the Better

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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The Impact of the Pandemic on Women's Advancement during Recovery
Overcoming Setbacks and Promoting Change for the Better

During this past summer the Empire Club held a milestone event which brought together five remarkable women to talk about mental health, money and societal shifts occurring in real time as the worst pandemic in over a century tested Canadian civil society and our ability to cope with numerous unimaginable stressors affecting our lives and our livelihood.  These remarkable leaders spoke candidly about issues impacting women in the workplace, at home and across all aspects of society. It quickly became evident to all of our audience that these were NOT just women’s issues but will have an enormous impact on employers, families and society in general as we all face this unprecedented crisis. The questions submitted by those who tuned in were so numerous and of such fundamental importance to the real impact this crisis will have on the economy and society in general that it was immediately obvious a second session would be of great importance to anyone trying to understand how we are going to emerge from this crisis, and what the best way forward will be for all Canadians.

Stated simply: “How will we overcome the setbacks women have faced due to the pandemic and how can we become stronger together as a society?”

Join this Super Panel on September 29th for Round Two…What have we learned? Where are the real challenges when we start to rebuild? What changes are needed for a better tomorrow from both a social and economic perspective and what can men and women do to promote change for the better?

This session is a must for anyone who wants to be prepared for the future directions this pandemic will take us in, and how these directions will forever change the workplace, home life and the many institutions that govern both.


Andrea Carter

CEO of Wealthy Woman Warrior & Building Better Organizations, Neuroscience Based Diversity & Inclusion, Learning & Development Consulting

Candies Kotchapaw

Founder & Executive Director of DYLOTT (Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow, Today)

Elizabeth Naumovski

Vice President, Marketing, Caldwell Securities Ltd.; Financial Literacy Advocate

Dr. Samantha Wells

Senior Director & Senior Scientist, Institute for Mental Health Policy Research at CAMH; Associate Professor, Clinical Public Health Division at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto


Vivene Salmon

President, Canadian Bar Association