Vladimir Putin

Fantino, Julian

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The role of policy in society. The speaker's sentiments on issues that relate to the role of policy in society, and more particularly, the role of police in our communities. The increasingly complex task that is policing. Traditional policing and changes in the profession. Police organisations as a constant in terms of concerns about public safety, security and quality-of-life issues. The inordinate amount of attention focussed on the policing profession over recent years. Symptoms and causes of diminished safety in our society. Accountability in the policing profession. Makikng a difference in the cause of law and order. Support from the citizenry. An examination of the meaning of community. Ways in which Community Policing works. Long-term accomplishments. Benefits of a shared responsibility. Policing in the structured sense - some history of its journey. Some anecdotes. An assurance of what dedicated police services can ensure. Drug-related crimes. The speaker's faith in the men and women, civilian and sworn, of the police service. Working with the community. The partnership of police and community.

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