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Petersen, Charles W.

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Nationalism touching all manner of current popular prejudices: personal, national, religious and racial. The intense nationalism of modern days partly an outgrowth of economic forces, and how that is so. Evidence of Canada's material progress during the past quarter century, with figures. Complaints of recent years. Our most serious handicap of measuring up to the standard of prosperity prevailing south of the line. The fact there is no reliable barometer of a nation's material progress known to modern economists, and evidence for that fact. The trend of unemployment and emigration as the only reliable surface indications available. The unique position of Canada amongst nations: our relationship and competition with our neighbours to the south. The consequences of that unique position. An analysis, with figures, of our population situation to ascertain what the drift across the line really means in terms of population leakage. The speaker's diagnosis of our lamentable inability to hold our population: we have failed to settle our lands with people who would strike roots deeply into our fertile soil. The remedy: to bring a very large proportion of that class of people to Canada, if necessary with the aid of public funds and thus inaugurate a realistic colonization policy. Consequences of failing to adopt such an heroic policy. Canada at the Cross Roads. Unbalanced production, not over-population leading to general unemployment. What such widespread unemployment means and how to go about solving it. Canada's agriculture as the largest single factor in her economic life, with figures to show that that is so. Attempting to correctly estimate the economic importance of agriculture in a country like Canada. Speculation on the possible performance of Canadian agriculture in terms of national development. A detailed review of the historical and current situation. An examination of the problem of settlement of our marginal lands. Who would be best suited to settle these lands. The development of our enormous residue of inferior lands as the key in colonization in every province in Canada. Objections to the speaker's proposal, and his response. Some practical suggestions. A word in defence of Canada's foreign population, from several viewpoints. The general question of immigration expenditure. The relationship between world populations and the availability of cheap food. A new era now dawning due to the lack of extensive empty spaces within temperate zones to supply cheap food. Falling birth rates. Predictions of a stationary, or possibly receding, future world population and what that will mean for Canada in looking for surplus manpower to develop her resources.

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