Vladimir Putin

Masse, The Hon. Marcel

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and the Canadian Club of Toronto. The competence of government as one of the central issues of our time. Some words from Peter Drucker: "The next decades will make unprecedented demands on political courage, political imagination, political innovation, and political leadership. They will demand high government competence." An exploration of those themes in the context of the forthcoming budget, and of the government's jobs and growth agenda announced by the Prime Minister five months ago. How the government is getting back to basics through a sweeping review of government programmes and services which will be unveiled in the upcoming budget. An announcement about simplifying government by eliminating or streamlining federal agencies, boards and commissions. The following discussion takes place under the following headings: The Government's Fiscal Situation; Programme Review; Agency Review; Efficiency of the Federation; The Quebec Referendum; The New Face of Government.

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