Vladimir Putin

Stanley, Dr. Carleton

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Reference to some words from the late Lord Balfour in 1927 with regard to the necessity for men of all parties to meet and agree on certain fundamental things. A solidification of ideas among men in general about what elements in our society we wish to conserve. The situation in Canada. Determining what these fundamental ideas might be. An examination and consideration of some of the fundamental political conceptions which have grown up in Europe over a long period, and which we have inherited and established here such as religious toleration, parliamentary government, a judiciary independent of government, etc. Conservatism in Canada. Canada today as literally a vacant empire and what the speaker means by that. Ways in which Canadians are wealthy people. The decent subsistence of all citizens living in this country as the first charge on the resources of Canada. A healing influence if leaders of all parties were willing to acknowledge their acceptance of that tenet. The political side of economics, with examples in Canada. The tasks today for all citizens.

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