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McCrea, Hon. Charles

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The development of the mining industry in the Province of Ontario, divided into two periods: the first period ending with the close of the last century, 1900; and the second period commencing the twentieth century, 1901, and onwards. A brief review of each period, specifically discussing the discoveries of gold and silver, and individual mines. Reference is made to a map of the Province of Ontario for the purpose of fixing attention on some features of mining in Ontario. Mining possibility in Northern Ontario. The pre-Cambrian formations in this area and what that means in terms of minerals. The commencement of the renaissance period in mining in the Province of Ontario. The impossibility of predicting what this might mean for the future of Canada and the British Empire. The excitement caused by these developments in London. The important part that the building of railways has played in the development of this area. Progress in recent years in the metallurgy of recovering the finer metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium, which are associated with nickel and copper, and which are destined to play a very important part in the precious metal trade of the world. The discovery of silver at Cobalt; gold in the Porcupine area. Some production figures for the Hollinger Mine at Timmins. The significance of those figures. Production at Kirkland Lake. Total production figures for minerals in Ontario this year. Projection figures for the future. The friendly attitude of the Ontario Government towards mining, and the attitude towards capital coming in. The speaker's objective in London of obtaining money for the opening up of this area; his hope that the people of Ontario will take a greater and bigger interest in it. The speaker showed a film of the tour taken last year by British Scientists, and then one entitled "Winning the Gold," showing the operation of mining and recovery of gold in one of the big mines of the North.

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