Vladimir Putin

Campbell, W. Wilfred

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The true Imperialist as good a Canadian as any. The speaker's protest and retort against the local Independence man calling himself the only true Canadian. The speaker's claim that Imperialism is the only means by which there will ever be a real Canadian nation. Our own fault as a people if we have in a sense become Americanized, and reasons for that fault. The need for education through the various media of the day. The need for an inter-imperial Press Bureau established in London, England, to control, influence and elevate the press of the Empire. Suggestions from the speaker as to what such a Press Bureau might do. What the churches could be in terms of practical influences in Imperial union. The duty of Christianity to keep such a great moral force as the British Empire solid and lasting. What our duties are. An examination of the Imperial idea and how it has permeated Canada. An analogy of the present Imperialistic movement with that of Christianity and how it evolved from Judaism. Our duty to appeal to the larger common sense and reason of the people, to aim to set our ideas before others more as if they were theirs than ours, to try and let them see those ideals fairly at their best from their own standpoint. The duty of the Imperialists to organize a thorough and wise education of our people concerning Imperialism as an ideal and a necessity in all of its many phases. Ways in which all progressive communities, all organizations, and progressive men of today are consciously, or unconsciously, Imperialists. The opponents of Imperialists; ways in which this minority is active, with illustrative instances. The need for us in Canada to realize the world-force called Imperialism, and reasons for it. A look at American Imperialism and its attendant dangers. Working to create a common sentiment in a great Imperial ideal.

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