Vladimir Putin

Mader, Hans J.

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A progress report on Novartis and the industry; a discussion of some of the major issues currently facing Canada's research-based pharmaceutical industry. Demonstrating that these issues impact our health-care system, our whole economy, and a vision of what kind of a country Canada should be to conduct business. Pharmaceutical mega-mergers in the news. Increasing R&D strength. Novartis' success in its merger; establishing itself as on3e of the world's largest life sciences companies. Concentrating on three cor3e areas: health care, nutrition and agribusiness. Some figures. Success in the prescription pharmaceutical sector. Novartis Pharmaceuticals now firmly established as one of the top four companies and a leading force within Canada's innovative, research-based pharmaceutical industry. Changing a persistent misconception. The Whitby plant. Activity in Ontario, and benefits to Ontario. What will create a thriving pharmaceutical sector in Ontario. Four factors that make Novartis internationally competitive, with a discussion of each: excellent medical researchers; a timely drug approval process; international standards of patent protection; open patient access to new medicines. Some illustrative examples of how new medicines help people. Some comments on economics, with examples. What the pharmaceutical industry has to offer to government as it develops policies to contain health-care costs and improve patient care. A question of vision. The advantages of partnership between industry and government.

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