Vladimir Putin

Nelson, John

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Remarks largely based on observations and impressions received at the Conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations at Honolulu last summer. Some details of the Conference as to who attended, and general aims. Canadian lack of knowledge of the region of the Pacific Ocean. Britain's long interest in the Pacific. Roosevelt's prophecy about the coming importance of this area. A brief description of the area and its growing development. Canada's slow awareness, perhaps partly due to the disparity of development on the west coast as opposed to the east coast of this country. The alien nature of the Asian region for Canadians, which has perhaps affected our policies both of immigration and trade. Changes brought about by the war: Asia's increased purchasing power. Europe's resentment of our efforts to get their people to come to Canada; Asia's resentment of our attempts to keep their people out. Three disturbing results: a feeling of great uneasiness, even distrust of Canada in Japan; in China an open boycott, particularly against our Empire; and on the west coast of the U.S., particularly San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angles, people saying that they are going to fight Japan at some indefinite time in the future, the very kind of senseless talk that launched Europe into disaster. What prompted the Conference in Honolulu. The spirit of the gathering. Learning to accommodate one another. A look at the population makeup in Hawaii; who dominates the Legislature. The meetings; some anecdotes. Impressions of the speaker. The issue of Canada's policy of immigration. Some specific comments. The development of principles that grew out of the discussions. The Japanese and Chinese distrust of Western civilization; turning back to their own cultures. Japan suffering from a feeling of insecurity; China smarting under a sense of injustice, with specific complaints. The ominous figure of Russia, looming behind all the discussions. Russia's position in the East. The relationship between Russia and China. The future of trade for Canada. The need to understand those with whom we wish to trade. How the press, the pulpit, and the common man can help. The Pacific, lying before Canada as the Atlantic lay before our forefathers.

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