Vladimir Putin

Cohen, Dian

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What the "new" economy is, and how we can "make it." Examples and descriptions of the new global economy based on information, with national economies irrelevant for purposes of making decisions (based on the writings of Peter Drucker and Alvin Toffler). National output as a function of global product strategy. Employment growth unhitched from economic growth. New technologies that allow an increase in output without necessarily increasing the demand for labour. A detailed review of the global economy, with trends, facts, statistics, and analysis. The economists' understanding of events. What's happening with investment. What's happening in Canada: a lack of internationalizing. Canada's complacency with a resource-based economy: our lack of adjustment to the new world economy. Reasons for cautious optimism. A comparison of Canadian and U.S. economic restructuring. Factors holding us back. Suggestions to help us move faster. Involvement and visible benefits. The need for a change in attitudes about how the world works.

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