Vladimir Putin

Donald, Robert

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After-war conditions, not looking very hopeful. The chaos which exists in Europe today, and to what that is due. The Peace Treaty, which made no provision for peace. An illustration. Another difficulty of how to get Germany started working, and why that is necessary, especially for the financial condition of France. The policy of Lloyd George. The Allies' treatment of Russia as another cause of the prolonged war after the war. The profound blunder of the policy of intervention. The lack of support from President Wilson for the councils of Europe. What the entrance of the United States into world politics might have meant. Some home truths about what England did in this War. Kitchener as the man of vision. Some figures of armies and equipment and of death from the war. The British Navy decisive role in the War. Building up the Navy, with some statistics and figures. Monies raised to pay for the war in Great Britain. Conditions in Great Britain now. Looking forward with absolute confidence to the future of the Old Country. Ways in which it has been regenerated by the War, coming out stronger in many ways.

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