Vladimir Putin

Lash, Z.A.

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A submission by the speaker, a legal argument for his proposition with regard to Canada's status within the Empire and the part she can play in determining her foreign affairs. Great Britain as the nation of the Empire. Canada's lack of autonomy over her own affairs, having no status as a sovereign state to deal with foreign sovereign nations, except in minor matters. What the speaker means by foreign affairs: those matters which two independent autonomous foreign states discuss with one another in that capacity. The issues of peace and of war involved in foreign affairs. The indisputable fact that "If Great Britain is at war, Canada is at war." A more serious consequence, if Canada were not engaged in the conflict, in connection with trade with the enemy. The affairs over which Canada has complete control, under her constitution. A great many other matters which Canada can deal with outside of her territory. The one way in which Canada could take complete control of her foreign affairs and not be concerned in the foreign affairs of the rest of the Empire: by becoming a sovereign state herself. The necessity for Canada to declare her independence and cease to be a member of the Empire, should she wish to become a sovereign state. The result at the present time of such a course on the part of Canada. Asking the question, "What is Canada to do?" Would could be done in order that Canada may remain in the Empire, and at the same time take part in the control of her foreign affairs: make an agreement with Great Britain on that subject. Who the parties would be, if there were an agreement. Getting at the answer by a process of elimination. Remembering Confederation and the agreement under the passing of the British North America Act. To be effective, what must the agreement provide for? What jurisdiction is to be given to a central authority? What would come under its control, what would its powers be? Suggested answers to these and other questions regarding finance, basic principles, interference with Canada's self-governing powers, etc. Canada, bearing the burden in this war. Canada, claiming her rights and being prepared to pay for it.

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