Vladimir Putin

Philipps, Tracy

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The war as it touches the British nations in their relations with the Arabic peoples, leading us to an understanding of how each regards the freedom for which we are fighting. Fighting for one's rights rather than for freedom; for liberties, not liberty. The price of such rights and liberties. What this conflict means for the Arabs. The feeling of the Moslem peoples towards a threatened European interference of the Germanic kind into their world. An examination of the "Moslem World." A comparison of the Moslem world and the Christian-and-democratic world. The greater solidarity in the Moslem world as one of the principal factors we have to deal with in the war in those parts of the world. Reasons for that. The situation in Italian Libya. The attitude of the Arabs in Libya to their recent and retreating masters. The situation in Turkey. Foreign policy of Turkey. The Germanic effort to cut the long line of communications which links together the British peoples. The Grand Canal which begins at Gibraltar and ends at Aden as the vital line of communication. English-speaking peoples on both sides of the Atlantic as equal inheritors of the "Way of Life," the "Way of the Spirit" and the "Way of Arms" to defend them. Common ground to those who are the oldest white habitants of Canada, and to those who are the newest contributors to that rich amalgam which is the Canadian nation. No weakening and no wavering in Britain. Facing our ordeal by fire; remembering that suffering is a quality which is capable of regenerating whole nations.

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