Vladimir Putin

Hill, C. Bruce Esquire

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The threat to the existence of Free Enterprise in the Dominion of Canada. Socialism as a threat to Canada, not only to the existence of Free Enterprise, but to the standard of living of every Canadian. A dismissal of Communism with a few words, so as not to confuse it with the issue at hand. The belief by The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the exposure of Communism by education. Free Enterprise described. How Socialism is a threat to free enterprise. Opposition to Socialism and reasons for it. Benefits of Free Enterprise, with example. More and efficient production as the answer to the high standard of living in North America. A description of Socialism. Socialism as a shift in responsibility from the individual to the elected politician. The speaker's belief that Socialist theory offers no sound vision and is incapable of raising the standard of living of the Canadian people. The lack of understanding and appreciation by the Canadian people of what the Canadian system of free enterprise means to them. Failure of business, in some cases, to have due regard for the public welfare. Correcting the situation. Work by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Personal responsibility as the fundamental principle of free enterprise. Selling the people of Canada. Giving the people that work for us more information as to exactly what we mean to the Dominion of Canada.

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