Vladimir Putin

Riddell, Hon. W.R.

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The difficult in determining the real causes of the present war. The invasion of Belgium. The war in any case inevitable, and how that was so. The real and efficient cause of the war to be found in the ideals of the Prussian governing class, and the irreconcilable conflict between these and the modern spirit. The Prussian predominant conception. The Prussian view of the power of the King. The Prussian King, the German Emperor as an anachronism, a survival of a former evil condition of the body politic. The proverbial insufferable arrogance of the Prussian. The position of the state in this philosophy. The principles of Britain. "Two nations with such antagonistic principles may live in peace, but only if each keeps itself within its own sphere." This a war of ideals: autocracy and democracy, divine right and the people's voice. Ways in which the American people are with us. The verse of an American poet in "America to England." Not fearing the verdict. "Civis Britannicus sum," now adding "et Canadensis."