Vladimir Putin

Forbes, Steve

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Fraser Institute. The extraordinary work of the Fraser Institute. The Fraser Institute as a one-person band in Canada in terms of think-tanks. Some remarks about the3 kinds of reforms we need as we leave this century and enter a new millennium. A look back at the beginning of this century, and some key events over the last hundred years. Opportunities and mistakes. Effects of the Cold War. The new era, symbolised by the micro-chip. One of the virtues of a free enterprise system, with illustration. An inclusive era, and what that means. The era of reform following the end of the Cold War. The new kind of reform in the United States today. Some of the reforms that we need to make to truly realise the glittering opportunities before us, in some detail and with examples. Some areas covered include technology, regulation, American law, health care, food, consumerism, social security, pensions, taxation, foreign policy, economics. The burden on the United States to rise to the occasion and not go isolationist. Canada to fulfill its responsibilities as well. Canada's defences Creating an environment where democracy can sink real roots. Being optimistic.

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