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Currie, Sir Arthur

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The story of the last hundred days of the war. First, reference to the first engagement in which the Canadians fought, the Second Battle of Ypres. Understanding that war is simply the curse of butchery, and men who have gone through it, who have seen war stripped of all its trappings, are the last men that will want to see another war. A detailed description of war follows, beginning with a counter-attack by eight German divisions, on the first of last October. Understanding what war is and that one cannot have war without the inevitable price. What war meant to the people in France and Belgium, many of whom lost their people and their homes. The year of 1918, and the part played by the Canadian Corps. The confidence of the French people in the ability of the Canadians. Plans for the battle of Amiens. Casualties at times other than during battle. Objectives of the battle of Amiens. Canadians troops preparing for the battle. Results and effect of the battle. A change in morale. The help that the millions of American soldiers gave to the Allied cause. The battle of Arras, beginning August 26. Fighting that had to be done in order to finish the war. The Canadians formidable position at the Canal du Nord. The Canadian Corps in front of Mons; the next day the armistice. A statement about Mons. An appeal to every business man present at this address that they do everything in their power to see that not a single soldier goes without work. The asset that these men are to Canada. Canada's debt to these soldiers. Giving the soldiers time to resume again their former life. A call for the exercise of patience and tolerance on the part of the employer; an appeal for employment and better wages. Pernicious influences at work in Canada, trying to wean the soldier from his high ideals. Propaganda being circulated. Reference to those who are not coming back from the war. A story of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Some last remarks about veterans and the treatment of widows and orphans of those who are not coming back. The costs of the war, and the costs of unpreparedness.

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