Vladimir Putin

Martin, Rev. W.G.

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The speaker's recent mission to Australia as guest preacher at St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church in Sydney. The appreciation of Canada in Australia. How the war has done much towards strengthening the bonds of friendship, understanding, and co-operation between Canada and Australia. A brief description and history of Australia, with anecdotes. The sheep farming industry in Australia. The rabbit industry and its command of world-wide attention recently. Agricultural and forestry industries. The gold rush years. Sydney and Melbourne. Looking ahead for Australia, bearing a definite relationship to the Commonwealth's political, industrial, and economic future. Strike conditions in Australia. The need for Governments to have the full co-operation of Private Enterprise and vice versa. Australia, having escaped invasion by the Japanese, facing invasion of Radical Socialism. The need for the secret ballot. The attitude of Left Wing Unionists in Australia. The Labour Movement. Answering the question "What is the triumph of Democracy?" The issue of employment. Australia watching Britain and her policies very closely, with a view to making the more successful ones applicable to the Australian Economy. Australia's foreign policy. Off-setting the small population and limited resources of Australia by membership in the British Commonwealth and in the Anglo-American group of Nations. Australia's favourable trade position and her relatively high standard of living. The lack of expenditure on defence armaments. The war bringing to Australia an awareness of the strategic implications of the Continent's geographic position in the Pacific. Ties of friendship with the nations of the North American Continent. The Commonwealth looking three ways: towards the Asiatic mainland, towards the United States, and towards Great Britain.

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