Vladimir Putin

Elleman-Jensen, The Hon. Uffe

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A description of the impact of the present and future integration in Europe. Some background history going back to the Second World War. How the European Community was formed. Emphasis over the last 40 years in the EC on developing economic and commercial cooperation between member states. Political issues dealt with otherwise (bilaterally, the UN, NATO, etc.). How the single market evolved, the creation of the European Economic Area (EEA), negotiations for further integration, recent developments in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, the political will of the Community. The need for further integration of the EC. Three great tasks facing the Community now. Transatlantic relations. The Community's interest in keeping their market open. Ongoing negotiations in the Uruguay Round of GATT. The concept of a European Energy Charter. NATO's contribution to military and political stability in the new Europe. The CSCE (The Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe) and security matters. The importance of the CSCE. The positive future for all of us with an integrated Europe.

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