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Accountability in the Public Sector: Auditing Canada’s Economic Action Plan

A non-cheerful backdrop for the speaker's talk. Encountering doom and gloom on the economic front. A backdrop that also provides valuable context for some aspects of the legislative audit work of the Office of the Auditor General of Canada. What Canadians are worrying about. The demand for accountability from their federal government. Ottawa's response to the global recession. Illustrating the importance of audit and accountability. Holding the federal government to account for the Economic Action Plan. How the speaker's office works and her role as Auditor General of Canada. Some statistics. Some characteristics and mandates of the office. Carrying out two types of audits: financial and performance. Some details on each. Auditing the Economic Action Plan. Parliamentary and public expectations that the $40 billion the federal government is spending under the plan will be managed well. The further scope of the audit work. Criteria to be considered in future audit work around the Economic Action Plan. Program design. The need for the federal government to work very closely with the provinces, territories, and communities. Identifying how to define success. The need for clear rules and how the speaker's Office will support the process. Some concluding remarks. The yearly Status Reports. Some personal comments on the Office.