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Gardner, The Rt. Hon. James Garfield

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The subject of Canada and the Nations is discussed under the following headings: Canada's Industrial Importance; Three Way Trade; The Areas Concerned; They Required Food; They Required Clothing: They Require Factories; What Has Canada To Offer; How Must We Increase; What Should Our Objective Be?; What Should We Do To Accommodate Them?; We Should Develop Our Mineral Resources; We Should Develop Our Timber Resources; Fisheries; Agriculture; Highways; Where From?; Their Ideal. Included under these headings, are the following subjects. Canada's trade position in the world; moving back and forth between third and fifth place since the first world war. An increase in the importance of Canada's own industry in supplying our own needs as well as in providing exports to meet the needs of others. The importance of utilizing considerable of our primary products to employ people now here and to induce others to come to swell our population. Three-way trade between Canada, the United States, and Great Britain. Enlarging that trade and balancing it through the same type of co-operation in financing and in exchange of essential resources as prevailed throughout the war. A call for a free exchange among these three countries, and many others, of essential commodities. An examination of the relative importance of the area in Europe west of Russia including Great Britain and North America, with some statistics and figures. How to effect European rehabilitation. A look at the food and clothing required immediately following the second World War; who needed it and who supplied it, with figures. Comparing the problem of rehabilitation now with that of a generation ago. How to get Europe back to work. Taking great care to assure that aiding Europe does not mean a slowdown in the development of Canada. How Canada can best assist Europe, Britain and herself by taking from those areas to ours, people. Two ways in which Canada can increase her population. An objective to double Canada's present population in not less than fifteen years. Dealing with the criticism that many of our people go to the United States. Details of developing our natural resources, timber, fisheries, and agricultural industries. The need for a system of National Highways. From where new Canadians would come. An ideal expressed in the theory of the Brotherhood of Man. A doctrine which assures that peoples of different nationalities brought to Canada can be welded into one great Peace-loving nation.

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