Vladimir Putin

Wilson, The Hon. Michael

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. A review of the speaker's seventh budget as Canada's Finance Minister, tabled one week ago. The essential challenge of making the fundamental choices that will lead to a real economic recovery and lasting growth. A look at some types of recovery; a different path for Canada. The Plan for Economic Recovery which recognizes that the key to recovery lies in establishing the basic conditions for a further and lasting drop in interest rates. A message for Canadians: interest rates are not set by government fiat. Market forces and a substantial reduction in inflation as the sound foundation for lower rates. Details of the Plan for Economic Recovery. First, some history and background to the current economic situation. Some previous goals set, actions taken by the government. Results of those actions so far. Some bottom-line results that the Plan will deliver; how and why they will happen. The involvement of business and labour. Summary remarks about the Budget.

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