Vladimir Putin

Thorson, J.T.

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Building a nation in this new land of Canada. Charged with a great responsibility with two functions to perform: as architects to draw the plans for a noble edifice, and as builders to carry out those plans in order that our building may endure. Using the materials at hand. Materials available in Canada for the building of a nation. The foundation upon which we shall build in Canada. Binding together the material for nation building. Responses to the questions: "Has there yet developed in Canada a consciousness of nationality? Is Canada a nation: What is the status of Canada." Canada as a dependency, not a sovereign state. Canada's legal status. The Dominion of Canada existing as a legal entity due to the British North American Act of 1867. Legislation subject to review and disallowance by the government of Great Britain. A change in attitude of Great Britain to Canada upon the granting of responsible government to her. Self-government as conferred upon us by Confederation. How economic progress has played its part in our national growth. Canada's participation in the Imperial Conferences as another factor contributing toward national development. The kernel of Canadian nationality ripening still further during the war. Progress since the war, with specific examples. The growing demand that Canada should have the right to determine for herself whether her judicial system should be self-contained or whether appeals should lie to the Privy Council. Equality with Great Britain in the enjoyment of constitutional rights. The recent Imperial Conference, which declared definitely that equality of status which had gradually been recognized in practice. The door open for an increase in Canadian autonomy. Questions as to whether Canada's steady and rapid growth will continue and also, "can it cease?" Why we should concern ourselves with a national consciousness. What the speaker means by this term. How to overcome obstacles. Dealing with four distinct economic sections in Canada. Keeping in mind the needs of Canada when defining economic policies. Economic unity and prosperity of Canada dependent upon the manner in which sectional difficulties are solved. The need to develop in Canada a greater knowledge of the economic needs of the various sections of Canada, a sense of national interdependence in order that each section of Canada may develop according to its needs, for the common welfare of Canada as a whole. Racial problems in Canada and suggestions for solving them. Freely recognizing that this Canadian nationality is now and probably always will be a dual nationality. Basing Canada's democracy on the eternal principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity. An illustration from the speaker's native City of Winnipeg.

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