Vladimir Putin

Masaryk, Jan

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The speaker now as an emigrant, a refugee, of his country. The latest murders in Czechoslovakia. The hostages in France. Speaking as a citizen of Europe. A war that is everybody's. The hate that Hitler has managed to generate. The last 12-15 months that the speaker spent in Britain. Seeing the people of Great Britain at their best, just after Dunkirk. The speaker's conviction that we must make this the last war. Learning to hitch the mechanical forces of the world to the chariot of humanitarianism. What Hitler's New Order means. The new world that has already been born. The speaker's personal losses. Helping to shape the new world. How to win the peace as well as the war. Trade Unions in Great Britain. The terrible mess that will face us once the war is won. Putting Germany in quarantine. Evidence that Germany has been preparing its youth for this war from the time of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. The importance of the re-education of German youth. The term "collective individualism" and what it means. Some words concerning Russia. Giving up everything to make our ideology win.