Vladimir Putin

Baldwin, H.C.

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Facing the facts of the Canadian business situation to pull ourselves out of this depression. The precarious undertaking of forecasting business conditions. Disillusionment and disappointment over the discovery that we still follow the old economic laws. Paying the penalty as individuals and as a country when we rush into extravagant spending and debt. The theory of action and reaction a fatalistic doctrine? What brought about this period of depression. The belief that a considerable part of this depression was brought on by supersalesmanship, and how that is so. The issue of commodity prices. Now at the point where we need to roundly stabilize prices. Reasons to believe that there will continue to be a shortage of gold for monetary purposes, and that there will be a real shortage by the year 1935 or 1936 unless another Rand mine is discovered and unless we change our central bank reserve policy the world over. Effects of lowering commodity prices. Predictions about how this depression will develop, and when it will end. Forecasts about trade, wages, prices, and major industries. Conditions before the Provinces. The situation in the Prairie Provinces due to the wheat problem. The difficulty of predicting how soon conditions will improve, especially in the Prairie Provinces. Figures indicating that collections are very satisfactory considering present business conditions. Moral pressure on organizations like the speaker's to be optimistic. The better situation in Ontario. Looking forward to a relatively good period of prosperity following this depression. Suggestions for bringing back prosperity. The need to plan for business depression in the future. Overcoming these periods by more careful governing of our over-expansion periods. The issue of savings. Hard work in sales and cost-cutting efficiencies in production and distribution as the key-notes of 1931 business policies.

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