Vladimir Putin

Pearson, The Honourable Lester B.

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The Commonwealth today as a far cry from the Commonwealth of yesterday. The ideal of national independence. The imperialism of Communism. The shrinking of the British Empire as a great achievement. The new Commonwealth, represented by every continent except South America: every race, clime, religion and culture. The unifying bond inside the Commonwealth of a common devotion to parliamentary democracy. Facing the pressures of totalitarianism. The nature of nations new to the Commonwealth. Increasing Commonwealth trade. Mutual assistance. Mutual defence. Independent national commitments to NATO. The value of the Commonwealth today. What holds it together in its present loose form. Differences and disputes which occur between Commonwealth members, and how they are worked out. The Commonwealth as an example to the world. Difficulties and dangers ahead for the Commonwealth Family Association. Opportunities for greater service to its members and to the world. Objectives for Canada's policy. The British Commonwealth of Nations as a strong force for peace, security and progress in the world.

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