Vladimir Putin

Wilson, L.R. (Red)

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A focus on some of the advantages, some of the good things Canada has going for it in the emerging new world--what the speaker calls "symptoms of success." Advantages of being aware of these symptoms. Three main themes and an explanation of why the speaker believes they can and will mean better things for Canada as we enter the year 2000: the kind of world we are moving into; Canada's prospects for succeeding in this world; the values Canadians hold, and our vision for the future of our nation. Our current problems and opportunities largely related to how we face the forces of the new world beyond Canadian borders--global forces. Results of these forces. What it means to say that the consumer has become dominant. The one way to provide value. Three points to make before an examination of how well fitted Canada is for the new world. Canada's negatives. Beginning to face up to the negatives. Canada's biggest single challenge. Canada's positives. Telecommunications as a field in which Canada has excelled. Activities and future plans for the BCE family of companies. How they are operating in the global market. Canada's values, hopes and dreams for our future. Three wishes for Canada. Continuing to bet on Canada.

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