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Rex Murphy's exploration of our Canadian identity. Canada's identity entwined with our sense of family. The unanswerable question: what it means to be a Canadian. "Two Canadas: The Devolution Debate" referring to the Canada that has and the Canada that has not. The speaker's belief that we ignore these two Canadas today at our peril, and that fairness is the only acceptable way to deal with this family situation. Hearing about this topic in the 60s and 70s as "economic disparity." How and when this phrase faded from our national political lexicon. Professor Thomas Courchene's controversial paper on re-balancing federal-provincial social responsibilities as a defining moment. Response from Nova Scotia and five other have-not provinces. The richer provinces out of touch with their poorer relations. Consequences if every have-not province paid full faire for its social programmes. Consequences if the richer provinces have substantially better social programmes than those in poorer provinces. The disparity that already exists between Ontario and Nova Scotia, with exemplary figures. The issue of equalisation factors in terms of cash transfers for social programmes to the provinces: a discussion of alternatives suggested by Ontario and the speaker's response to them. The misconception that Nova Scotia doesn't pull its financial weight in the Canadian family and that continued help from Have-Canada will merely perpetuate our dependence. Figures on federal expenditures and revenues for Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia's economic importance to Canada. An analysis from Statistics Canada on inter-provincial trade with some revealing figures. Details of Nova Scotia. Indications of Nova Scotia's economic future. The Sable gas project and its economic value. Controversy over two competing proposals for the pipeline which will carry the gas to markets in the United States. The political nature of the issue. The need for Nova Scotians to receive maximum benefits from its off-shore resource in terms of jobs. Back to Mr. Rex Murphy's exploration of the Canadian identity. Some comments from Mr. Harry Hayward, a volunteer with the Brandon War Museum. An indication that Canada's national family ties are more real, deep and abiding than we care to admit. The speaker's conviction that we will be guided by mutual goodwill and fairness, which is, after all, the Canadian way.

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