Vladimir Putin

Hardwicke, Sir Cedric

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The speaker's experience in the theatre over the last 25 years. His witness to the theatre ceasing to be an important aspect of the town. Comments on the general lack of knowledge of the theatre. A discussion of the need for a theatre. Trying to do something to get back some of the simple graces, some of the things that really matter to us, and discarding some of the false values that have been set in the way. How acting and the theatre can and do help. A consideration of how the theatre has changed and altered from the time that the speaker was a boy. The impact of the mechanical entertainment on the theatre. The growth of the motion picture and of the radio and the prospect now in the near future of television. How the theatre will compete with these new forms of entertainment. The occasion represented by a night at the theatre. The lasting nature of the theatre and the experience therein. How people take part in the play that is being performed. The interactivity between actor and audience. Changing fashions and trends in the theatre. The continued use and support of the theatre.

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