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Anderson, Maxwell

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One of the finest art collections in the world at the AGO, held in trust for the people of Ontario. A brief overview of the AGO's assets and collection. Access to the AGO on the Internet. Current AGO endeavours, including the following. An ambitious partnership to enable distance-learning for tens of thousands of Ontario schoolchildren. The world's first art museum network, an Internet/broadcast television conglomerate linking the continent's 200-largest art museum, from the National Gallery of Canada to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The construction of the world's first authoritative image bank of thousands of masterworks. A global exhibition calendar. The first debit card at an art museum. Technological innovations that are part of a long-term strategy for the Gallery, being built in anticipation of the imminent arrival of secure on-line digital transactions. Ways in which the Gallery is changing this month and some of the ways that we will change over the next couple of years. What else must be accomplished to put ourselves in shape to meet the silent click from 99 to 00. A review of services, programming, and funding. The crux of AGO's mission: the acquisition, care, study, and presentation of works of art. AGO's international reputation and lending activities. Collection strengths. Visual literacy as a primary goal. Education enhancements. Digital audio as the centrepiece of a larger strategy to ensure that visitors of all ages have direct confrontations with the original artworks hanging on the walls and in the cases. Next phases. Some words on technology. Oil paintings as a form of technology. An exploration of the word "painting" and how we experience art. An explanation of how an all-white modern museum is in fact the most intrusive of all. Judgements made in creating surroundings for the works. The display of art. How to insure that oil paintings have a continued relevance to the audiences of the next millennium. Some concluding words with reference to the guardianship of "tens of thousands of messages and memories" and the need for "galleries of all institutions … to stand and flourish well into this next unpredictable millennium, attesting to the pitfalls of vanity and the joys of human contact, and allowing a place of refuge from the fleeting, the commercial, and the inauthentic."