Vladimir Putin

Ward, Honourable Hamilton

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The increasing importance of the question of the level of the Great Lakes, and the amount of water that flows down our international rivers. The suits brought in the United States Supreme Court by the State of New York and the other States against the State of Illinois and the Sanitary District of Chicago finally decided. The international effects of this lawsuit. The number of people effected by this decision. Some facts about the Great Lakes and the part they play in our commerce and society in terms of power. The unauthorized diversion of water by the City of Chicago, and the resulting reduction in the lake levels. Why this reduction is significant. The issue of Chicago sewage. The history of this diversion, and the lawsuit. A Master appointed to hear the proof. What the Master found. Further determination of how soon Chicago could terminate the diversion. Alternative sewage disposal for Chicago. A detailed analysis of the problem of Chicago's sewage disposal. How quickly Chicago will act, in how much good faith and goodwill the Sanitary District will heed the mandate of the Court. Ample power in the Supreme Court to enforce its mandate. The flow of water through the sanitary canal now in charge of U.S. Engineers, who will be bound by the instructions of the Court. The feeling that Chicago should be required to do what Toronto has to do, and what the other lake cities have to do to keep their sewage out of their water supply, and out of our water supply.

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