Vladimir Putin

Hincks, Rev. W.H.

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Ways in which England is great, and reasons why she is so. Some British history. In what things England has proven herself in advance of most of the nations. England's social and economic emancipation of her people; her democracy. England as the hope of the wage-earner. England holding her place by commercial enterprise. England's very existence dependent on her remaining Mistress of the Seas. Defending the 200,000 ships carrying her flag. An Englishman's faults those belonging to a dominant race. England great by her humanity in war, with illustrative example. England great in her development towards Imperial Unity. England great in the keeping up of her muscle so that she may command, and at the same time allow liberty. England teaching a lesson in Empire never taught before: how to combine power and liberty. An example of the magnanimity of England. The present moment critical because of Germany. The belief in both countries that war must come as one of the most serious reasons to fear war. The Colonials weighing war possibilities. Sir Wilfrid Laurier's words on Britain at war and Canada at war. The need for England not to depend on the good-will of any other nation. England's ability to support increased naval expenditures. The most hopeful sign of Colonial support of the Motherland in subscribing additional ships, adding to the ship-building resources of the Empire.

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