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Burke, Very Rev. A.E.

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People of the Maritime Provinces glad to be a portion of the Dominion of Canada, and proud of the part their men have played in the formation of the Dominion. The need for all the Provinces of Canada to be in a state of contentment to develop their potentialities; to feel that they are received into the family of Confederation upon some kind of amicable terms; that there is no Federal Administration which is positively against their interests provincially; in order that they themselves can in every way develop and feel that family instinct which compels them to do their best work. Some history of Prince Edward Island, especially with regard to joining Canada. The position of Prince Edward Island at that time similar to that of Newfoundland now. The specific terms under which the Island went into Confederation: a quotation from that arrangement to do away with P.E.I.'s isolation. The feeling in Prince Edward Island that the terms of Confederation can never be carried out by navigation. The great many Committees of the House of Commons who have from time to time adjudicated upon this matter. Results of those meetings. How the Government has attempted to carry out their terms of the Union. Possibilities of a tunnel. Effects of this lack of fulfillment of arrangements on the decision of Newfoundland not to join Confederation.

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